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baby shoes sewing machine

  • Rotary Horn Arm Bag Sewing Machine

    Contact NowRotary Horn Arm Bag Sewing Machineintroduction for Rotary horn arm bag sewing machine: 1.This machine is suitable for sewing small bags, large bags, deep cylinder bags, etc. 2.The horn head and horn arm of the machine can be rotated 180 degrees to better sew the edges of the bag. 3.The shuttles and needles of this machine are...Read More

  • Double Thread Shoe Sewing Machine

    Contact NowDouble Thread Shoe Sewing MachineAdvantages of Double thread sewing machine 1.This double thread sewing machine is suitable for double or triple stitching of sports shoes, leather shoes, etc. 2.Stitch length: 2 - 10 mm. 3.The speed of operation is up to you. 4.Lighting: 7W / single phase 220 V Two phase. 5.The sutures used are...Read More

  • Industrial Sideseam Shoe Stitching Machine

    Contact NowIndustrial Sideseam Shoe Stitching MachineProduction for industrial sideseam shoe stitching machine The industrial sideseam shoe stitching machine is suitable for sideseam sewing of indoor slipper ,plate shoes and casual shoes which has single thread to sew the kinds of shoes.There are two models, chain and gear.The gear type is more...Read More

  • Moccasin Shoe Upper Sewing Machine

    Contact NowMoccasin Shoe Upper Sewing MachineDescription for moccasin shoe upper sewing machine 1.Moccasin shoe upper sewing machine is designed and manufactured by GreatRich factory and the market shares most of it. All the models on the market are sold or used from GreatRich Company. 2. It is called moccasin shoe machine which is...Read More

  • 619 goodyear shoes welt machine

    Contact Now619 goodyear shoes welt machineRead More