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619 goodyear shoes welt machine


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Description of 619 goodyear shoes welt machine


1.Goodyear shoes welt machine is a Goodyear welt shoe chain stitch sewing machine, which is used to sew welt shoes produced by Goodyear system. It is suitable for sewing welt structure shoe styles of various specifications and materials, especially for Goodyear shoe welt sewing.
2.The machine uses awl and needle to wear on the shoe, because the tension of the thread is adjustable, the sewing is very firm. This machine can work with various types of edge strips.
3.The machine automatically refuels and is durable in use.
4.The machine is equipped with an electronic control unit for smoothly adjusting the sewing speed.


Parameter  of 619 goodyear shoes welt machine

Technical parameter:

Sewing speed

Stepless speed regulating

Sewing thread

Compound thread or linen thread

Stitch length


Sewing thickness




Sewing needle

255#good-year needle


750W/ 220V one-phase 50-60hz
750W/ 380V three-phase 50-60hz

Net weight


Domestic packing gross weight


Domestic packing parameter

86*105*199(L*W*H) cm

Exported packing gross weight


Exported packing parameter

83*108*190(L*W*H) cm


1.Suitable for sewing various styles of specifications of welt structure shoes, especially for Goodyear shoes welt sewing.

2. All parts were manufactured by HAAS CNC machines, which are of high precision.

3. Machines are automatically oiled and durable.

4. Electronic speed motors can be used flexibly, stopping the needle position via computer control.

Certification of our factory 


All the certifactions can be check when you buy  our machines


Welcome to buy the high-quality 619 goodyear shoes welt machine from our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. The good after-ale service and fast delivery are offered by our factory.

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