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Address: Tonggang Road, Meili Town, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, China

TEL: +86-512-52661882

MOB: +8613915610068

Email: HY888@CS-GreatRich.com

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Our History

Changshu Greatrich Machinery Co.,Ltd. was established in 1987, it has the history of 31 years till now. We are supplier who developing, manufacturing , saling , and providing special industrial sewing facility.

Our Product

Our main products are different kinds of industrial sewing machines, especially shoe sewing machines such as double thread side seam series like GR-168/2, double thread seated inseam sewing machine like GR-268A; bottom seam sewing series like GR-998, single thread inseam sewing machine like GR-991/2; moccasin sewing series like GR-81; moccasin sewing machine for GR-747; Goodyear series like welt sewing machine GR-615,double needle welt sewing machine GR-619, high-speed outseam sewing machine GR-368/2. Martin boots machine series like martin boots welt sewing machine GR-629, bowl knife cutting machine GR-626,heat sealing machine GR-628,edge grinding machine GR-683.Ramie sole shoe series sewing machine For example:GR-188 pattern insole sewing machine,GR-350 pattern outsole sewing machine. We also develop other sewing equipments for special solid forming.we constantly develop new products all the time.

Product Application

Industrial sewing machines, especially shoe&bag sewing machines

Advantages of GreatRich Service

1.Excellent location, convenient transportation, convenient shipping.

2.Very large-scale production and processing workshops, only for the production of specialized special sewing machines.

3.Original imported parts processing equipment Haas CNC machine tools to ensure the accuracy level of each part.

4.Fast delivery and quality assurance.

5.Provide parts supply, meet the amount requiremen and give a certain discount (specifically negotiable).

6.Professional R&D team continuously develop new models to meet the needs of more customers.

7.Strict quality control team guarantees perfect production of each machine

8.Support proofing test service,ensure that shoes and machines match successfully,then you can purchase.

9.Support OEM production, good machine quality improve customer trust for brands ,establish word of mouth and increase profitability.

10.Partially support customized services,according to the customer's shoes, targeted modification of the custom-made needle plate, presser foot, etc.

Meet unconventional needs.

11.Repeated debugging and inspection before shipment. It can be used without the customer's first installation.

12.Machine use: foreign customers provide instructions and offline video teaching

13.After-sales: For foreign customers ,we provide machine-related online services.From pre-sales to after-sales,contact at any time during business hours to solve any questions.

14. The excellent working atmosphere of the whole staff, the hard work of the employees makes every machine produce smoothly.

15. The concept of the service of the office staff, to provide the most appropriate advice and price for each customer.

Our Certificate

Verification of Conformity with European DirectivesISO.jpg168 781 81.jpg368 747 836.jpg202 203 205 206 208 654.jpg

Production Equipment

Haas factory outlet

Production Market

Main sale in North America and southeast Asia


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